Watch live studio quality broadcast on your smartphone, tablet or TV

Watch music, theatre and all kinds of events from all over the world

So easy to use, you can organise your own broadcasts

Concerts, theatre, schools, places of worship - the possibilities are endless

from Audux, a Danish technology company


SubCellLive Makes First Theatre Broadcast

SubCellLive is debuting its theatre broadcasts with performances of "Then I was Like" from 11th - 13th September 2014, various times.

SubCellLive Targets UK Schools

SubCellLive is working with UK schools to bring broadcasts of school plays, 6th form theatricals and parents evenings to the parents, family and friends of students.  Over 10 school are partipating in the first round of broadcasts.

New Mini-POBIT

SubCellLive has released a "mini" version of the POBIT, with an even smaller footprint and more suitable for corporates and churches.

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Audux is a private Danish technology company which has developed SubCellLive.
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